Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Post Jitters

Well, well, well...

After over a week of creating my own blog and after much longer of thinking about creating one, I've finally been encouraged by a lovely friend (thanks, AmyB!) to get over my fear of having a lame first post. I've decided that publishing an extraordinary first post may be setting the bar too high anyway, since future entries could fall short of such magnificent prose. So here it is, in all its *lame* glory: my first post.

So hello there! I'm Jess, and yes, that is my real name (thrilling, I know). During my birth era, my name was among the top 10 most popular first names for parents to name their children, so I don't think I'm giving away crucial information. Other tidbits will be kept secret, but here's what you can know:

1. I'm married...
2. Clark.
3. I grew up in a northeastern state of the US of A.
4. I now live in the "lowcountry". This is a region of southeastern, vastly flat territory spanning from the mid-South Carolinian to the northern Georgian coastlines.
5. It is southern here, which is very different from anything northern.
6. I love animals, and my family is composed of three lovely pet friends. My husband and I do NOT consider ourselves their "parents", because that would be silly (unless that's something you wait, still silly. You're silly.)

I tend to go on for pages authoring life updates in emails to my friends in the North. Thus, out of respect for their time and attempting to keep my updates more reader-friendly, I wanted to start a blog in which I could write shorter updates on a more frequent timeline. And so Lily of the Palms was born. I'll explain the name in another post soon.

I'll try to keep my posts short and complaints to a minimum. In the meantime, please enjoy reading my posts, and leave friendly comments often!


AmyB said...

Ahhh! First post, and I make a cameo?! Love it.

And it is NOT silly to refer to your children as your pets.

I mean... you know.

Bonnie said...

Wow. A blog. I'm speechless. hehe :)

AmyB said...

Bonnie, do you have a blog too? Please say yes!