Monday, June 16, 2008

Back After a Blogging Hiatus

Hello again! I'm back after my first blogging vacation. I've been busy, and it's actually reassuring for me to know that when more important things are happening, blogging hasn't yet prioritized itself in a crazy way. However, life's back to normal now so back to blogging I go.

Well, I got about 95% of those to-do's finished before the deadline, but that didn't stop me from making myself sick worrying about the few things that weren't done. As I had mentioned before, my best friend Bonnie was coming to visit last Thursday and she arrived right on time. It was a little unfortunate when she arrived, because we did not get to celebrate our friendship and dive straight into the typical Bonnie-and-Jess fun activities. We were hosting our usual band practice at our house and had started only shortly before she pulled in the driveway. She had to sit through our practice for almost two hours before we called it quits for the night. What a bad host am I. After the band jam session was over, we ordered pizza from the local pizza place down the road and chowed down. Then Bonnie and I bundled ourselves under the covers and talked for about four hours in our old sleepover style.

I had taken Friday off work for my favorite little visitor, so on Friday morning, we slept in and then talked for a few more hours. I'm not much of a talker except for when she's around. We finally got our bums out the door for a quick lunch and a day of shopping (I've got no interesting purchases to share...bummer). We made soft tacos for dinner and enjoyed our first meal out on our newly finished porch (and it was wonderful). Bonnie was interested to see the final product of our wedding video, so we popped it in the player and had a good time remembering the events of the big day and the few days prior.

Saturday wasn't hugely exciting but it was very nice anyway. After talking again for hours in the morning, we went out to a nice southern-style, country-cookin' lunch before spending the afternoon shopping. We watched some tv, went out to a cool Italian restaurant down the road, and came back to watch Galaxy Quest (I've seen it a dozen movie review for this one, just go see it - it's funny). We were pretty tired, so we didn't stay up chatting on Saturday night.

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to church as usual and Bonnie hit the road right afterwards. Rats. She had an eventful commute back up north involving a blown tire, a repair crisis, traffic jams, and fortunately some helpful policemen. In spite of the drama, God protected her and blessed her road trip and she made it home safely. As for Clark and I, well, we were exhausted from the weekend's excitement and decided to take a three hour nap. We woke up for a light dinner and then went out to a local ice cream shop for a late night treat.

Rocky continued the excitement in the middle of the night for me, because he peed all over himself, his cage, and our kitchen floor. Gross. So, at 4:00 am (when I set my alarm to let him out in the middle of the night so that he wouldn't have an accident), you could have found me cleaning up all the glorious doggie wetness. Tonight he won't get so much water before bedtime (he's on some oral steroids to help his itchy skin, and they make him drink more and need to go to the bathroom more).

Ah well, the past few days have not been boring. In other news, I had asked my wonderful parents to get us a Mayan hammock while they were in Mexico last month. Bonnie brought it down with her and we hung it inside of our porch (I'm close to deathly-allergic to most bug bites, so hanging a hammock inside a screened porch is perfect for me). So finally our porch is ready for the "after" pictures. The promise of a porch post will be kept tonight!

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