Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Co-Ed Wedding Shower

I've always felt that co-ed showers, be it for either a wedding or a baby (one of which I've haven't been to yet), have an overwhelming probability of being very uncomfortable for people. The girls get all girly, and the guys are awkward and don't want anything to do with the party activities. However, we went to a co-ed shower tonight that was actually enjoyable for everyone. Two of our friends are getting married in three weeks, and they are very nice people with many equally-as-nice friends.

The night's activities consisted of making/grilling kabobs, opening presents, playing games, and the standard socializing between peers. As has been usual for us lately, we were the only married couple there, but we weren't made to feel weird at all (which was a relief).

Anywho, it was a nice evening and there were more guys than girls, so even Clark had a really good time. Go figure!

I'm sure another post will follow in a few weeks highlighting the events of the couple's wedding. Stay tuned!

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