Friday, June 6, 2008

The Ever-Present To-Do's

I realize that the plural form of "to-do" is probably "to-dos", but that looked confusing so I intentionally put an apostrophe in an inappropriate place. It drives me nuts when other people do that, but hey, I'll accept some hypocrisy for the sake of easy readability.

Now, onto the topic at hand: I have quite a hefty to-do list and a few milestone dates coming up. As bloggers do, I'll share them with you.

This Sunday, June 8th -- Praise and Worship Concert (I'll post about this later)
Thursday, June 12th -- Best friend Bonnie arrives to visit from up north
Sunday, June 15th -- Father's Day
Friday, July 4th -- Independance Day and the start of our short visit up north

We'll start with those. Sometime before these various dates, I have things to do, in addition to many that need to be done by no particular deadline.

1. Deep-clean the house
2. Prepare the guestroom
3. Practice songs for the concert
4. Go grocery shopping
5. Find, buy, and send a Father's Day gift
6. Get an oil change
7. Finish rebuilding our back porch (we're almost done!)
8. Find, buy, and setup an outdoor dining set
9. Buy and replant hanging flowers (a note on this: we had purchased 4 purple hanging flower baskets for our front porch, and despite frequent/almost daily waterings, they died a horrible and ugly death. I am 100% convinced that they were not intended to be hanging plants, and that the Home Depot simply planted them in hanging pots for aesthetic reasons. I don't know a lot about kinds of flowers, but I do know how to take care of them. I'm a bit upset that we have withered remnants of hanging death instead of vibrant, healthy blooms. Now we will need to replant.)
10. Weed the front flower patch
11. Purchase, assemble, and move Bunny into a new, spacious rabbit hutch (and thereby get her out of our newly refinished porch)

Whew....there's more but I'm getting anxious and overwhelmed.

Did I mention that I'm a full-time employee and a full-time domestic wife? When am I supposed to do all of this? Ahh!

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