Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movie Review: Evan Almighty

Soooo funny! I loved this movie, it was great!

I was expecting this sequel to Bruce Almighty to be sub-par, but there weren't many minutes of the film that didn't keep me entertained. I actually believe that whoever wrote the storyline really believes in God. Now, there are no references to Jesus, so whoever wrote it may or may not be Christian, but all of the references to the Old Testament were right on. I like that. I think the movie was done in a tasteful, funny way and that the message was uplifting. I think those of us who believe in God can all relate to the main character (Evan Baxter...the news reporter from the first Almighty flick) from time to time. Some super-conservative, religious-type people may find it blasphemous, but I didn't. I believe God has a sense of humor and can appreciate light-hearted jokes. I can also appreciate Morgan Freeman playing the role of God. I love him as an actor, and I think he got the message of God's love and faithfulness across pretty well. I was prepared for him in this movie, but in Bruce Almighty, I wasn't ready for him to play God because he didn't fit into the box I had made. Morgan Freeman didn't look like the paintings of God with which I was familiar....yeah, out with it I guess. It's no mystery that Mr. Freeman is not an old white guy with a beard. I guess from early childhood until I really became a believer, I had pictured God as a more serious version of Santa Clause. Point being this: I'm glad they picked a black guy, because it's not what the majority of American culture would expect God to be like. And that's exactly true, isn't it? I don't God will be what any of us expect -- He surpasses all understanding.

Soooo, this is a movie review, not a sermon, right? Right. Sorry.

I recommend the movie. It was really funny. ....And they used real animals, and they were wonderful, and they had alpacas, my FAVORITE!

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mary said...

Hey, Jess, We liked the movie , too. We watched it at Jennie and Jacks. Had a good message