Friday, June 27, 2008

Movie Review: Home on the Range

This movie was awesome!!! I like animated films, but for the past decade, computer-animated films have been my favorite. This movie didn’t change that, but it was still good. If you don’t enjoy movies made for children, you won’t enjoy this one. Disney/Pixar movies are good at including subtle jokes and puns for the adults, but this Disney-only movie has only one pseudo-adult that I noticed (involving cow sex..yuck).

I’ll try not to include any spoilers, but the fact of the matter is that probably none of you will go out and rent this movie anyway.

I liked that it was animated in traditional Disney style, and the actors who recorded the voices of the characters were really cool and fit well (Rosanne, especially).

This story is set in the Old West where cattle rustling and bandits were prevalent. The first few minutes contained one of my favorite scenes in the movie: an old farm lady woke up to greet all of her animals, and they all were dancing and singing together and helping each other harvest crops…it was pretty much my fantasy for life (minus alpacas…but there weren’t many alpacas in the Old West, I guess…bummer for them). It was all happiness and joy and glee and loveliness.

…And then the town sheriff rode up and gave said happy farm lady a notice of foreclosure because she didn’t raise enough money from her harvest. Awesome.

Of course, it’s left up to the three dairy cows to save their farm, and it’s the classic Disney storyline – two people, or in this case cows, don’t like each other and they find that they need to work together to achieve their goal. Through that process, they learn to like each other and they become the best of friends. Cliché, but still good, especially for kids.

The way they go about saving their farm is also the typical fish-out-of-water situation. The cows have to leave the farm in order to catch the bandit who’s been stealing all the cows form the other ranches. If they are successful, they’ll earn a bounty of – you guessed it – the exact amount of money it would take to save the farm. Go figure. You can probably guess the rest of the movie, because if you’ve ever seen a classic Disney movie, you know them all, even down to the ending.

The only part I didn’t like was when the bad guy’s trick was revealed. He had a rumored “magic” power that made him able to steal the cattle without a struggle. I’ve got to say…this “magic” power was really lame, even for kids. Ok you know what...I’m just going to tell you what it is – he YODELS. He looks like a big tough bad guy, but then he breaks out in a full yodel-and-dance routine which apparently “hypnotizes” cows, and they just follow him wherever he goes. The way this power was revealed reminded me a lot of Dumbo’s drunken dream sequence with rainbows and pink elephants…you know the one. It was A LOT like that….rainbow cows with swirly eyes dancing and spinning around…well yes, that scene wasn’t so good. It was lame-O.

So, if you like old Disney movies you may like this one. I really did. I took the opportunity of a night alone to watch the movie without Clark, because knowing he’d hate it was a no-brainer. But if you ever watch it, remember: I want to be the old farm lady.

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