Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard

Cool title, but not such a great movie. There are no spoilers here, I promise. Read on!

Disclaimer: This will probably be a common blog topic for me, but I am not a good movie critic. I would not recommend basing your own movie-watching choices on whether or not I liked it. I'm very inconsistent with what I like and what I don't, so really...don't take this seriously. Go see a movie if you're curious, and make up your own mind. And if it's a movie I reviewed and you agreed or disagreed, just leave a comment! One more thing: we don't go to the movies much, but we have Netflix, so most of the movies we watch came out a long time ago.

So anyway, back to the new Die Hard movie. We watched it Friday night and it was....okay. Now, I haven't seen all of the previous flicks -- just the first one. I did like the first one, though - lots of action, good acting, an interesting plot. Live Free or Die Hard didn't really meet my expectations, sadly. I'm a Bruce Willis fan, and he was just fine, no problem there. I thought the storyline was kind of silly and far-fetched, and there were a few notably terrible actors. The bad guy was really cheesy (along with the story for how he became a bad guy), and most of the "cool" high-tech things were very unrealistic (or maybe I just know better due to my job). It wasn't a bad movie, but I wouldn't watch it again. I did like John McClane's supporting character Matt Farrell played by Justin Long. He was pretty funny and is consistently a good actor, and it doesn't hurt that he played a nerd (I have an affinity for nerds, and I married one).

So overall, the movie wasn't bad but it wasn't good, either. I wish it had been better, because sometimes I can really go for a good action film.

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