Friday, June 6, 2008

Movie Review: What Dreams May Come

I saw this movie years ago, but decided to rent it again. Like I said, the movies we rent usually are old news, but that won't stop me from reviewing them anyway!

I wanted to rent this movie again because I enjoyed it the first time. I also enjoyed it tonight. I think that it's a cool movie with some cool ideas; however, none of the ideas or concepts presented happen to match up with what I believe to be true in my faith. But I am not a narrow-minded girl (at least I don't think I am), and I can have a good time watching a fictional flick. I like Robin Williams, but I tend to like him in more comedic films. He's a good actor in any type of movie, and I liked him as the main character in this one. There were some cheesy parts, some unbelievable parts, and some lame parts, but I could chuckle at them and move on through without getting too terribly hung up.

It had a lame-O ending that I didn't think really fit the rest of the storyline, but hey, it was only about 3 seconds long so I'll just choose to disregard it. Overall, a good movie about life and death, heaven and hell (not the Biblical ones), and love. Even though it wasn't really a chick flick, it was sort of an abstract drama and Clark didn't care for it much. But, being the good husband that he is, he sat through it anyway without complaining.

What Dreams May Come...I thought it was pretty good, but be open-minded for the sake of enjoyment.

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AmyB said...

I loveeee that movie! But I feel the same way was a good fictional "no-way-that-is-how-heaven-or-hell-really-is" way. Enjoying your movie reviews!