Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My To-Do List Took Steroids

As the title suggests, that to-do list I shared earlier, well....it multiplied exponentially this afternoon. I won't go into the details of the items on it, but it's a lot to do in not a lot of time. Bonnie's coming in two days, and even though I know in my heart she could care less about the way my house looks, that doesn't stop me from being compulsive and stressing out about everything.

We bought a patio dining set today to go with our newly finished patio. (I know I've been saying I'll write a post about this...and I will...but I'm a perfectionist and want the patio to be in tip-top, spick-and-span, prestine condition before I take the "after" photos). Of course, we had to assemble it tonight so that Bonnie will be impressed when she gets here. Sigh...

I've got tons to do, and we've got Bible study tomorrow night and band practice on Thursday night (yes, at the same time Bonnie is supposed to get here), so tonight really was the only chance to get everything done. I didn't come close.

Hopefully it will all get done, somehow, otherwise I'm sure I'll be pulling an all-nighter cleaning the house. I can't just not clean it before company comes to visit.

In other news, Clark just emailed his favorite rockstar. Seriously...like "hey, what's up" style. The dude's name is Paul Gilbert, and if you don't know famous electric guitarists, you wouldn't know of him. But he's a big name in Clark's world, and he just emailed him. I can't get over it. I guess you'd have to read it. But the first few words were: "Hey Mr. Gilberto". The subject line read "80's rock....well, ROCKS!!". I love my husband, but man, what a dork.

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Clark said...

Thank you Jess...thank you.