Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Night of Embarrassment

Tonight was our concert. Some explanation: Clark and I help to lead our small church's praise and worship band. Over the past 8 months or so, I think we've actually gotten pretty good. We've had good times and bad, but we've pulled through and really started to blend as a musical group and as friends. One of the dudes in our band is a member of another band (you know...the kind that actually writes their own songs and has gigs), and they were putting on a concert. We were asked to be a part of the evening - the opening band for the opening band. Thrilled that we would actually be able to let loose and worship loud and crazy, we quickly accepted and started practicing our songs. I soon found out that I would be leading on my acoustic guitar, which I am very self-conscious about. I practiced and practiced, and finally felt comfortable enough playing all of them that I was sure I wouldn't have a problem.

Well, without going into too much depth, we didn't do well at the show tonight. In fact, it was the worst we've ever played in front of an audience as a band, ever. It was also 98 degrees (not exaggerating) and extremely humid, and we were all about to die and/or pass out. I was very embarrased about the way things went down. I'd actually like to just leave it at that, because the more I think/write about it, the more sick to my stomach I feel. Too bad, could have been a really neat experience.

I know last night I also indicated that I'd elaborate on our porch project, but that would take more effort than I'm able to give right now. That will have to come tomorrow, stay tuned!

I'm sleepy, so I'm off to an early bedtime. Hopefully I won't have nightmares about my hair-splitting, shrill voice that blared out of the huge speakers in front of a large group of people while sweat poured off of my face onto the guitar on which I missed almost every chord. Nighty night.

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