Saturday, June 28, 2008

Work on a Weekend

This Saturday, like most of my Saturdays, was productive. Saturdays are usually a time of running errands and taking care of odds and ends around the house. I'm happy with the things I got done, but now I'm wiped out and probably dehydrated.

To kick the day off, I ran out to a couple stores. I went to Michael's first, which is always a pleasure, and the things I wanted just happened to be 50% off (but it was still an expensive'll see the project in a few). Then, I stopped by Walmart on my way back to the house, primarily to get some bug spray -- I might die without it. I know I shouldn't expect much from a Walmart experience, but I've gotta say, it's hard for me to let go of the expectation for common courtesy. I had to DART out of the way with my shopping cart for about a dozen Walmart employees walking through the aisles, just so that they would not knock me over. I mean, seriously, they were NOT going to move over an inch for me, even though the other half of the very wide aisle was clearly vacant. And my fellow Walmart customers? Redneck, rude, and creepy as always. It was a VERY frustrating trip, made even worse by the fact that they must have known I was coming and hid all of the bug spray. I finally found it and left in a horrible mood.

First, I assembled the rabbit hutch for Bunny. I put it together in the screened-in porch because, as you all know by now, I can't rea
lly be bit by bugs. I'll wait to put it outside whenever Clark has a sec to help me carry it. Here's Bunny's new home!
Bunny and Peanut hanging out.
It opens up, how cool!

My next project was weeding the front flower beds. I had been putting it off for a long time, because I happened to think that the weeds that were in there were kind of cute. They were short with little round leaves...anyway, I thought they kind of complimented the flowers and helped fill in the gaps. But alas, they were weeds, and I didn't want to have to rip up our entire front lawn later on because I thought they were "cute". While I was annihilating the cute weeds, I found an enormous one! (Please excuse the way I look...I had been working outside in 98 degree heat/99% humidity for a few hours by the time I took the picture)

The third project was to do something about our hanging flower pots on the front porch. Refer to my dead flowers dilemma in this old to-do list (it's item #9).
Here's what they all looked like (and yes, I actually let these hang on our porch just like this for over a month). Since all of our efforts to maintain the lives of hanging plants have failed, I did a little problem solving and came up with a very low-maintenance solution, go me!
Fake flowers from Michael's! Works for me! They hang above everyone's heads, so no one will be able to see the styrofoam discs or the flowers made of plastic and fabric. So sneaky!

Just enough color (which happens to also match the flowers in our flower beds). I'm very pleased, although I don't think it would hurt to fill them in a little more.

They look real enough to me!

I topped the night off with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and giving Rocky a bath. He's been looking much better lately :)

I made myself a Butter Cream mixed drink, too, for dessert. 1 part Buttershots, 1 part Bailey's, and 2 parts milk. Yum!
All that's left is a nice shower and going to bed. Nighters!

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