Monday, June 23, 2008

While I Was Busy #1

Hi everyone! So, it's been five days or so since the last time I really posted. I've been busy and have a lot to tell, so without further ado, I present to you....the happenings of the last few days of my life! Huzzah!!

Let's see....first, the reason I haven't had any time. My job has taken a significant turn for the busy. Today I realized that I've never really described my job to any of you before (if in fact there really are any of "you" to speak of). As far as you know, I dress up as a clown and provide entertainment for children's birthday parties. However, as much fun as that would be, my job is much less exciting. I'll get to what I do in a post to come, but for the sake of ease, you need to know this: I had a position that was reasonably busy, but my project reached a milestone and I had become very bored with little to do. Until last week. My boss was overwhelmed with programmatic/operational/administrative tasks for his 85-90ish employees, and he became unable to attend to issues that really needed his attention. So, he called in the, troop. Me. He asked if I would work from his office (as opposed to my gray, secluded, carpet-covered box) until we got the flood of work cleared a little bit. So, I've been working my fanny off because every task is Priority O.N.E. And it's obnoxious and stressful and tiring, and I don't like it one bit! I've had to work long hours and when I get home, I've been getting far too busy with other chores and errands to be able to spend much time on the ol' laptoperoonie.

Oh my. I've only covered bullet item #1 and it's long enough to be a post of its own! This may become several posts to spare your poor eyes.

So, next topic of interest. My days have been muddled, but on some morning last week, Clark and I were in the garage saying our goodbyes before heading off to work. If you can picture it, we were hugging in the middle of the garage, with Clark facing the driveway. In the midst of our embrace, Clark starts jumping up and down, yelling a little bit, and pointing to something between the garage doors. I turn and see a spider, no big deal. Clark's not particularly fond of spiders, but he was more uncomfortable than usual. He kept pointing, and as I went closer for a better look, I noticed that it was belly-up and, without a doubt, a sizeable black widow spider. So, in my typical reaction, I squealed with glee and ran inside to get my [crappy] camera, because I really like spiders. I had never gotten to see a black widow in person before, so I was really excited.

I am a bug-saver. I like to let Creation just do its thing without really interfering with the life cycles of other things. Spiders are great and I'm happy to welcome them into my garage, my yard, and I even like a select few in the house. They are pest managers. They are the ones who naturally rid my living areas of the bugs that bug me. I don't enjoy walking into a web that I can't see in front of me, and I don't like to entertain the thought of being bit by spiders or eating them in my sleep. But, spiders are spiders, and they're always going to be around. I'll embrace their existence.

..But not when they can kill me. I allowed Clark to smush this one with our kitchen mop that happened to be hanging nearby. I think less than ten people have actually been killed by black widows in the past half century, but they can leave a nasty, painful bite that will send you straight to the emergency room. No thanks. Rest in peace, Mrs. Spider, I hope you meet your husband in Arachniheaven.

Ok. One more fun topic before I break this up into another post.

I'm a hippie...always have been. Peace, love, save the animals, clean the environment. I take a reasonable pride in my environmental footprint, and even though there's so much more I could do to be better, when people don't do their part to keep our world clean, I get upset. Anywho, in an attempt to be more green, I purchased my first recycled, reuseable fabric shopping bag last night, and I got to use it to tote my purchases back to my car. I've gotta admit, walking back without any plastic felt pretty good. If you haven't already, you should try it. It's worth it. (Disclaimer: I didn't just say any of that to boast about my environmental goodness. I just think those bags are a good idea.)

It has been thunderstorming at least for a couple hours every day, as it's currently doing again right now.

Alrighty. There you have it. Edition 1 of While I Was Busy. Stay tuned for the rest!


Jenn Hubbs Sandifer said...

I feel similarly about spiders. :)

I've also been thinking about getting some reusable shopping bags. Where'd you get yours?

(Also, there's at least one of the amorphous "you" you're writing to!)

AmyB said...


1.)I can't handle bugs, are there alot in Chucktown?
2.) I have that same bag! and I loooove it!!

Jess said...

Hey Jenn! I was so encouraged by your comment, it's so nice to hear from you! I'm glad I'm not just writing to myself, haha.

The bag came from WalMart for $1. I know that Target also has some (I think they even come in their own collapsible travel case), and some good grocery stores have them, too. Target also has fashion bags, or purses...whatever you call them. They're meant to be used as real purses, though, not grocery bags.

Longer answer than you probably wanted, but yay for being green!

Jess said...

1. There aren't more bugs here than there are up north. But I've got to tell you (maybe I shouldn't)...there are roaches here. BIG, nasty roaches. They're referred to as "Palmetto Bugs", because they're everywhere. It's not so much gross as a part of life here...Freak out about a roach in a restaurant, and the waiter is more likely to look at you like you're from another planet than to actually get rid of the roach.

2. Yay, we're kindred bag spirits!