Thursday, June 26, 2008

WIWB #3 The Porch Post

Ok, be prepared, this post has a zillion pictures!

I'm normally very, very good about keeping all my promises. But, as we've all seen, my promise of posting about our porch never seemed to hold water. I talked more about how I would post sometime soon than actually posting. Well, friends, today is your day. Of course, you're still going to want to kick me because I didn't remember to take "before" pictures until we had already made some significant changes.

Imagine, if you will, moving into a house. You're excited to have a screened-in porch, because you're [literally] deathly allergic to bug bites, and because you've never had an outdoor area like it before. You're also excited for your future father-in-law to bring your big chocolate lab puppy home to join you. As your dog gets so excited to see you in the backyard, he come barrelling towards you with tremendous force. Little does he know that there is a screen in front of him. Well, not anymore. Farewell, screen, and as a result, farewell screened-in porch. (Note: this is not the only time my beloved dog ran through the screen. He could not see it.)

So, how do we fix the problem? We put something up on the lower half of the porch so that Rocky can see there's something there, of course! But wait...can't do that until you fix the holes in the screen. But wait again...can't do that until you rip off all of the wood on the outside of your porch because the screen is mounted behind it. That, fellow readers, is why this was no small project, and it is also why I made such a big deal about it. We worked hard.

Here are the "before" pictures. Imagine everything's brown and ugly, there is no lattice work on the bottom half, and there are holes in the screen everywhere.

See the ugly brown lattice near the ground and the brown wood right above it? That was what the whole porch looked like. Nothing was white, and the bottom half had no lattice.

The inside. Boring.

This is the area outside of our laundry room. It used to be an old dog area, but there was no entrance from the outside. We fixed that, muah haha!

And now the "after" pictures, yay!!!

Now it actually matches the trim that is on the rest of the house.

Our laundry room area with a new gate! (We've still got to chop down the extra length on that post, though)

This is inside that area, and this is Bunny's future home, which will have a luxurious new hutch and rabbit run.

The inside, so much happier!

Our brand new porch dining set from World Market (I love that store). We're still going to get two more chairs to go on the ends.

The wonderful bright, happy cushions! (The ones on the bench are red with the same flowers)

The other side, complete with an authentic Mayan hammock from Mexico! An allergic-to-bug-bites-girl's dream! (And there's Bunny, getting excited to move into her new home soon!)

So there you have it. The porch post!

Moving on, though. This is, after all, the third and final installment of my WIWB series.

While I was busy, I went to our friend Mark's house for a cookout. As usual, it was raining that day, but it cleared up right before we had to leave. A really cool, bright rainbow blessed our drive there, and upon close observance, you can notice that there's not just one, but two, count them two, rainbows! (You can see it better in the second picture - the second rainbow is very faint and a bit above the first one). Very neato. We also had a good time at the cookout, and I had a potato chip & ketchup sandwich.

And last but not least, a fun purchase was made over the past weekend. New shoes! I like cute things on my shoes, like flowers (even though flowers aren't generally my thing). I had a great pair of strappy, tan espadrilles, but I wore them so much that I wore down the sole and they got to be very uncomfortable. So, I bought a replacement! I don't like them as much, but hey, they didn't hurt my feet at all at the wedding. And bonus...very cheap at Kohl's.

My lovelies, it's finally time to let you go. Thanks for tuning in to my mini-series of ridiculously long posts. I pledge to do my best to keep them shorter and more frequent from this day forward. Toodleoo, I'm off to make myself some stuffed shells for dinner!

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