Monday, July 7, 2008

The Secrets and Surprises of a Bachelorette (for a couple weeks)

Well, for the past two weeks, I was a bachelorette. I didn't want to mention that on the blogosphere because there are some creepos out there who would find out where I lived and take advantage of the fact that my manly husband was away on business. After a horrible experience of loneliness, we were finally reunited at last on Thursday night! Clark had been in Norfolk working on installing some software systems on Navy boats, leaving me all by myself. Boo hoo.

We had planned a surprise birthday visit for my dad for Independence Day weekend, and I flew up north on Thursday where Clark picked me up from the airport. How wonderful it was to see him again!! My dad was thoroughly surprised not only that night, but also on Saturday afternoon when my mom threw a surprise party for him. It was a very fun weekend.

We drove back south yesterday and it was terrible. It thunderstormed and poured the ENTIRE time, and it took us forever to get home. We got in around 1:00 in the morning, totally wiped out from the drive. There's more to share (with pictures), but I'll leave you with this for now. Back home, safe and sound, and it was lovely to finally be home with my other half. :)

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