Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Wish My Name Was Hans, Because I Sure Am Solo.

Remember how I was single for 2 weeks because Clark was in Virginia for work? Remember how I was so sneaky about not blabbing all of that information online so that the creepos wouldn't come find me and hunt me down while I was home alone? Well, I've done it again.

When Clark picked me up from the airport up north (on the 3rd of July), he told me some bad news. He would not be able to come home with me that following Sunday as planned. He was needed in VA again for another week to provide training to some Navy sailors. The training was to take place on Tuesday, so actually worked it out so that he would drive home with me on Sunday and fly back to VA on Monday afternoon...impractical, I know, but it wasn't on our dime and it was our only time to be alone together. So, we got home at 1:00 am, and he flew out at noon the next day.

He was planning to be there the entire work week, but the training went well on Tuesday and he cancelled his flight home and hitched a ride with a co-worker to come surprise me that night, yay!! We thought he was home for good. But you've probably read my Bummer post, so you'd understand why nothing would go right for me at this point. He was told last Thursday that he would need to go back to VA again to train another employee from our company on his system. And of course, since he had just spent the past 3 weeks installing the system in VA, there was no system here for him to use for training. So on Tuesday afternoon, he drove back up to VA for almost another week.

He was finished with the training on Thursday morning. Could he come home? No. "Why not?", you ask. Clark is at guitar camp in Raleigh, NC right now. He drove straight from VA to NC yesterday, because his classes started at 12:30. He signed up for the clinic months ago, and I'm genuinely happy for him. His favorite guitar player, Paul Gilbert, is teaching the Master Class and Performance Clinic today, which could NOT be any more exciting for Clark. From watching ALL of his instructional videos and seeing him in concert, we'd come to the conclusion that Mr. Gilberto is your average nerdy weirdo, and he's a lot of fun (really, check out the links, they're from his personal website The people attending the clinic are few, and everyone will get to play with Paul at least once. HOW COOL IS THAT??? Clark's really nervous, but he's going to do great. I imagine that he'll stick around for quite a while after the performance clinic tonight to chat it up with Paul, and then he'll hit the road to come back home to me. I'd be surprised if he made it home before 2:00 am.

So that's the end of the travel, right? Hahaha. You're kind to think so.

Clark's family is coming to our area today to spend their summer vacation at the beach. I love them tons, I really do, and I love spending time with them. All day tomorrow and every day after work next week, we'll be driving to the beach to spend the days/nights with them until next Saturday. It's bittersweet for me, because I'll be happy to have Clark home and to see the in-laws, but I'm sad that we still won't have any quality time to ourselves.

But after that, maybe, just maybe, the craziness will be over and things will be back to normal. But I'd better not speak too soon...

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Jen said...

Hi Jess! *waves*

Love the blog! You've got a great writing style.

Clark is at GUITAR CAMP!? That's so fun!

Hugs from MD!