Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie Review: Hot Rod

This movie was terrible. Please do not see it. This is by far the strongest I have felt about a movie review in this blog thus far.

The movie was a “comedy”. The writers, directors, producers…whoever…tried as hard as they possibly could to be funny and as a result of their extreme efforts, they failed. It seemed like a combination of humor tactics from Dumb and Dumber, Family Guy, Napoleon Dynamite, and any movie or skit involving Will Farrell. All of the aforementioned productions are among my favorites. Why? Because they are/were original and witty. Because they are/were genuine. Hot Rod attempted to copy these good qualities, but it just didn’t work out (because if you copy something, it is no longer original, witty, or genuine – go figure). The movie was actually painful to watch (but Clark ordered it without reading a single review or even a blurb, and he watched What Dreams May Come with me, so I thought it would be fair)….(the badness of this movie far surpassed anything that could have been considered “fair”…I’m now in the lead, and Clark owes me.)….(another parenthetical thought, just for kicks – annoying, right?).

Here’s the plot: Loser dude “Rod” thinks his father was a stunt man and wants to follow in his footsteps – except he sucks at doing stunts. There is a lot of bad-stunt-doing, but they weren’t funny, just stupid. After Rod’s father died, his mom remarried. Rod wants to earn his stepfather’s respect, which apparently can only be done by beating the poo out of him in a fist fight. In these regular fights, Rod always loses, and so his stepfather claims he is “not a man”. The stepfather gets sick from a heart condition, and surgery to fix the problem costs $50,000. Rod is determined to raise the money for the surgery, because he can’t allow his stepfather to die before he successfully beats the poo out of him. Yes…he wants to save his stepfather because he hates him and wants to fight him. So Rod goes on to do various things and raises the money and blah blah blah LAME. There is a love interest but the whole thing is stupid and not even worth writing about.

The acting was terrible. There were some faces I had seen before. Rod was played by Andy Samberg from SNL (if you don’t watch SNL, you may still know him from the SNL short called “Lazy Sunday” (aka “The Chronic-WHAT!-cles of Narnia”) that was popular in 2005). He acted with too much Will Farrell influence – the kind of stuff that is only funny when Mr. Farrell does it. Too bad for Andy. Other actors were obviously chosen because they were so lame that the casting directors thought their style would be funny. But it wasn’t. Everyone’s acting was forced and bad. So, have I made it clear that that acting was bad? Oh, I’ve run that fact into the ground? Oops.

So yes. Bad, bad movie. I think tons of things are funny. This movie wasn’t. Don’t see it. I wish I had those 2 hours of my life back.


Clark said...

It was bad, I agree...but it looked like it would be funny. And I owe you one? What about all the food network shows, baby shows, makeover, and surgery shows I watch??

Jess said...

baby shows? if you've been watching baby shows, it hasn't been with me....what have YOU been up to, mister?