Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anniversary Bummer

Yeah, you read right. Our anniversary was a bummer. Not because of Clark, though, of this you can be sure.

Last night, thanks to my achy breaky back, I was in tears and could not move. The pain would NOT go away, no matter what position I tried. Clark and I decided that it was time to go to the doctor's clinic to get some pain meds to hold me over until my appointment with the spine specialist next Monday. So, I got up this morning, got ready for work, and swung by the clinic on the way into the office. They had my records on file and knew I wasn't making up my pain to get pills. It was reasonably quick to be seen, and I got two prescriptions. One was a twice daily anti-inflammatory, and the other was a pain killer to be taken every 4-6 hours. So, at 10:30 this morning, I downed one of each.

At 11:00, I started feeling strange. By 12:00, I felt like I had had a few drinks. We ate our bag lunches in the breakroom (romantic, I know). I still felt funny, but alas, I had no back pain at all for once in a very long time. At 3:00, I took my second dose. I didn't want pain to interfere with our anniversary plans of a fondue restaurant dinner and a movie.

At 5:00, I started to throw up. AT WORK. Three times, to be specific. We left to come home soon thereafter, and I had to pull over on the side of the road for more puke scares. As soon as we came home, I ralphed some more. Eight times, actually.

I called my mom really upset about the way the day was going, and she gave me some good advice of saltines and soda. I was feeling a little better by 7:30, so we headed out for fondue as planned. As we pulled out of the neighborhood, I had a gut feeling (literally) that going so far from home was a bad idea, so we decided to eat closer to home. We made it to the restaurant, but not out of the car. Yup. I got dry heaves in the parking lot and we started home. But not before we pulled into another parking lot for me to get out and have dry heaves in the bushes.

I finally made it back into the car, and Clark got himself some dinner from the Arby's drive-thru (since I obviously wouldn't be eating anything). We got home, I had more saltines, and we watched The Office.

The only nice part was that we thawed our anniversary tier of our wedding cake and got to share some slices of it. They were a little freezer-burned, but really not as bad as I thought they'd be.

Soooo, maybe tomorrow night we can try the anniversary thing again, this time without pain killers.

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