Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jingle Bells Are Ringing

I am so very excited for Christmas.

I love the heat and long sunny days of summer, but man, whenever Christmas passes I begin to anticipate the next holiday season.

I know with all my heart that Christmas is about the celebration that God provided a Savior to us. At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the true Messiah Jesus Christ. However, it is also a time when there's a joy in the air, smells and sights bring forth fond memories, and people are brought closer together. It's a time when many people are in more of a giving mood than a receiving one. It's a reason to throw parties and have fun and to play with each other. I LOVE the Christmas season for everything it brings, even if the consumer market doesn't quite hit the mark. I love the lights and decorations and candles and foods and snowman wrapping papers. I do not feel guilty about indugling in these things because I still know and celebrate the true "reason for the season". I'm not into materialism, but I'm also not against something that brings the average Joe Schmo a little bit of extra happiness (and if that's a snowflake cake with reindeer sprinkles, then by golly, I'll bake it).

The point being is that I love the entire Christmas season, and I hope my fellow believers will not think poorly of me for loving store-bought goodness, too. 143 days to go! (But really even less than that since the Christmas season starts long before December 25th) Yay!!!

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