Monday, August 18, 2008

My Back to the Pain-Free Future

I made it to my appointment with the spine specialist today. Clark came with me for support because I was a wee bit nervous. The first doctor who visited me in the room was kind of discouraging. He saw what everyone usually sees in my x-rays, but he didn't think the bone problems were causing my pain. He poked around a little bit and was kind of clueless. Then I found out he's still doing his residency and was just practicing before the real doctor came in to see me. Whew.

When the real doctor came in, we chatted for a few minutes before he started poking around. He isolated the pain and seemed to be pretty sure about where the problem must be. He was very confident and showed me on a little spine model where he believed the problem was. He still didn't know what that problem was, so he sent me off to have an MRI.

I don't mind MRIs very much, maybe because I've had so many. I usually just close my eyes and zone out, and today was no different. It was actually sort of relaxing, and I would much rather be stuffed in a small clanking tube than be at work. It only took about 30 minutes to capture the images. My appointment time from start to finish was only two and a half hours, and that included driving to another office location for the MRI. Sweet. I wish every doctor appointment would go so smoothly. I only hope this guy is as smart as I'm told he is, and that he'll be able to help me.

The radiologist will take a couple of days to analyze my MRI, and then the doctor will call me back with the results and, hopefully, a plan of action. Thanks for your prayers if you've been praying, and if you could keep praying for just a little longer for some conclusive results and treatment options, that'd be super!


AmyB said...

Oh no you didn't just call a resident not a "real doctor", girlfriend!

Jess said...

Blame it on my ignorance, then, because I guess I don't know what a resident is. Enlighten me? :P