Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nikon McCheese is Here!


I'm so excited! It's wonderful, and it came with so much stuff!
I got the camera body of course, but also 4 lenses (18-55mm, 55-200mm, a wide angle and a telephoto attachments for you photo buffs out there), an external flash, an 8 GB SD card and card reader, a sweet camera bag, and 2 tripods (one telescoping and one flexible). There was more stuff, but you probably wouldn't be interested. Well ok, since you're that curious, I got a lens cap keeper, a cleaning kit, a camera strap, 2 UV lens filters (which I probably won't use), and various cords.
I'm sure if my new Nikon could take a picture of itself, it would be much, much better than this one that was taken with my crappy point-and-shoot.
And here's the new Nikon with its rival's 35mm predecessor, my old Rebel 2000 (the Nikon D80's rival is the Canon Rebel XTi). I hope I'll have as much fun with digital as I used to have with film. Only time will tell!
Yours truly, a very happy little girl. It feels like Christmas came early!
The first picture taken by Nikon McCheese. Peanut was so eager to be a part of the occasion. Um, so I'm sure this camera can take a much better picture, but let's be honest...I don't know how to work it yet (and it's been about 3 years since I've really done photography). So, I popped the battery in, set it on auto and snapped this. Now the battery's charging so I can enjoy playing this weekend!
And can I also say that FedEx did not hold the package this morning and it went back out on the delivery truck. Clark was sick and left work early, but went to go pick up the camera for me anyway before he went home. When he found out it wasn't at the facility, he actually got the delivery lady's cell phone number, and called her and arranged to meet up with her to get the package. I have a wonderful husband! 5 days until our anniversary!

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Finally some good pictures.