Friday, August 22, 2008

Please Don't Paralyze Me

So, the doctor called back with my MRI results yesterday afternoon.

Doc: "Hi. I'm calling with the results of your MRI images. We found that there are some changes in your left S1 sacral ilium joint. You will need to come in for a spinal injection and then again for a follow-up appointment three weeks later. Ok?"

Me: "Oh, ok. How do I schedule that?"

Doc: "My assistant will call you to set it up. You will need to be sedated via IV so you will need to have a driver with you."

Me: "Oh, ok. So is it like a cortisone injection?"

Doc: "Yeah, it's like that."

Me: "Oh, ok. Well, thanks."

I was thinking so much about how scared I was about the injection that I forgot to ask what was wrong with my spine. I don't know what "changes" is supposed to mean. I'm a big dummy for not asking.

Today, at 2:00, I will be at the hospital getting prepped and sedated to go under the needle. I am really, really scared about it. It's an injection by x-ray from what I understand. I don't know...I'm just really nervous and I'm told it's going to hurt a lot. I'll be sore for 3-4 days. At least it will be over and hopefully helping by the time we leave for Disney World a week from tomorrow. After all, I wouldn't want to be crippled when Mickey asks me to dance.

Please pray for me...mostly for my nerves. I know these doctors have done plenty of these injections and that they know what they're doing. Thanks, I'll keep you updated!

(PS...dinner with my family was really fun last night, I'll post a couple pictures soon!)

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Jen said...

Praying for you! (And Mickey... as he's counting on you :)