Sunday, August 17, 2008

There Are Flying Boys in Myrtle Beach!

Our friend Dan from up north is on vacation in Myrtle Beach this week, and we went to spend the day with him and his family. We had such a great time! His family (99% boys) was a very fun bunch and welcomed us with open arms. It actually wasn't very hot yesterday, and that made it nice for me who dressed in shorts and a t-shirt intending to sit in a beach chair. Someday maybe I'll describe my fear of jellyfish, but for now, let's just say that I had no intention of going into the water. I sat and people-watched and read a little bit of my new camera manual (I still have not found everything I was used to on my old 35mm camera). The boys wanted me to take some pictures of them doing something cool, and I was more than happy to do it.

Believe it or not, this wasn't even all of the guys. There were maybe 3-5 more of them! The only girls were Dan's mom, aunt, little sister, and me. Ok, ok, back to the boy fun.

Poor Clark. The only one without his feet off the ground yet :P And when he landed, he busted his knee open and it bled for hours. Everyone else made the leap safely, though!

The family was staying in a nice area called Ocean Creek. I thought it was a silly name at first, but then I learned how they got it.

It actually does sit right on an "ocean creek". This creek fills up with ocean water during high tide, and it was really pretty cool to watch. Very pretty area. Too bad the weather was so overcast and gray. It really put a damper on my pictures (and since I still don't know where all the manual adjustments are, I'm still stuck in auto so I couldn't compensate for the lighting).

Here's Dan. He really wanted a picture of him flying, so here you go. Dan is super. Just over a year ago he came all the way down to be a groomsman in our wedding, and he was so helpful and encouraging. Dan and I used to lead a middle school worship band together at our old church, and we had a blast doing it. After I met Clark, he joined the band too, and the three of us really had a good time playing together. I really miss those days...I was very happy to see him!

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