Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Animal Kingdom in All Its Glory

We had so much fun today!! We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and everything I had been wishing for for the past six months came true! It was really super great, like a zoo mixed with a theme park. We rode a super cool rollercoaster, got wet on some rapids, and went riding on an AWESOME safari trip. It really felt like we were smack in the middle of Africa (I have nothing to compare it to, but in my imagination, that's what Africa's like). I got to see hippos, rhinos, and my all-time favorites giraffes and elephants. There were plenty more animals to see as well, and we went on lots of nature walks/hikes. Yay!

My back is still holding on like a champ, and I'm just so happy about that. The weather was great yet again today, and this trip has really been a blessing. It doesn't look like tropical storm Hanna is going to be hitting us on this trip anymore, either.

So another clue about our news: we are not moving back up north. Sorry Amy! It does involve moving though. We got some positive feedback last night about the opportunity, but it's still not 100% sure yet, so I really want to hold off sharing the news until I know it's a definite thing. A couple more days and we'll know one way or the other! I'll keep you posted!

Tomorrow, our friend Heather, who has so graciously supplied us with our free Disney tickets for the past four days, has made it back into town, and we'll be playing with her all day tomorrow in Hollywood Studios. It's our last day in the Disney parks, so that's kind of a bummer. Friday we'll be at Universal Studios, and we decided to go back home on Saturday (we were going to try to spend Saturday night in Savannah, GA, but we're so exhausted that we'll be ready to call it quits by then).

Thanks for checking in!

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