Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heather the Great

We spent the day with Heather and had a very happy time with her. She was the one responsible for providing us with three free pairs of Disney ParkHopper passes, and she took us to the fourth park for free today as well. She's fantastic (and not just for getting us into Disney World for free...she's always cool)!

We spent the morning/afternoon in Hollywood Studios. It was good, not great. We went on the Tower of Terror which was super cool. Last time I visited Disney, I was 12 years old and too scared to ride that one. It was nice to be a grown up and a little bit more mature about handling scary rides. It was pretty scary, but I do have to tell you all that Clark was much more scared than I was. After that, we rode the Aerosmith rollercoaster, and that was really neat. We got some lunch, saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, and then we were kind of out of things to do. The other shows at the park were mostly for little kids, and sadly we weren't very interested in them.

We rode a ride that was intended to highlight great scenes in film history, but it was more funny because our "tour" guide had a very thick Asian accent. He was perfectly understandable, but the emphasis he placed on the words was, well, not as it should have been. He accentuated things that shouldn't have been, and he said very exciting things in a very monotone voice. So, we had a good time chuckling during the ride. (Sorry Amy, I love you, don't hate me!)

We waited about 45 minutes to ride a 3D Toy Story ride, and it was fun and interactive. I think it was worth the wait (but the projected wait time was 70 minutes when we got in line, and it wouldn't have been worth waiting that long...I'm glad the wait was shorter). After that one, we were pretty tired and there wasn't much else we wanted to do, so we went back to our hotel for the free Happy Hour and then went out to a nice dinner together.

All in all, it was a very nice day, and our time is Disney was awesome all week. Tomorrow we'll go to Universal Studios (my first time there) and we'll get to see a cool concert featuring a bunch of great Christian bands there. We're looking forward to it!

Saturday is our check-out day, too bad. However, this week has really drained us both and we're ready to get back to life at home. It looks like the bad weather is going to hold out until we get home, too, so that's another plus.

Still no definite word on my big news. The final word could come tomorrow or Monday. I know you're all just itching to know what's going on! Muah haha!

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