Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Famous!

So I was filling out a survey to nominate our wedding videographer for an award, because he was amazing! I went to his website to get some information for the survey, and lo and behold, there was my face. Ahh! Apparently, he uses a large chunk of our wedding video for his portfolio and advertisements - who knew?! If you'd like the pleasure of seeing our ceremony prelude and reception even though it happened a long time ago, visit and click on the video segments listed under Jess' Wedding. There are four clips on there, view them all! Make me feel cool!

Seriously though, the videographer - Paul Sturcken from InPro Video - was wonderful. We met with him and discussed the things we wanted for our video, and he exceeded all of our expectations. He even brought a second videographer with him from another company (without charging me, mind you) to make sure he didn't miss anything. He was so much fun - he even let me have the camera for a while at the reception so that I could record some stuff. He called it the "Jess Cam". Really, I would recommend him to anyone a hundred times. Awesome wedding vendor. This may also inspire me to post a bit about our wedding photographer as well, who was equally great.

You won't see any of our ceremony in the clips because we had that filmed in a different style. That's my only regret about the video really, but it was my choice to do it that way and had nothing to do with Paul's skill. I wanted it "documentary" style - totally uncut/unedited...I didn't want to miss anything from the ceremony. Well, I wish I had had it done in the same style as the reception footage, because watching the ceremony is a little bit boring now. Oh well, my bad.

The biggest thing I felt while watching the video was how incredibly much I miss my friends from up north. They are all huge blessings to me, and no one will ever be able to replace them here. If any of you are reading this, I LOVE you SO much.

So yes, go admire our super cool wedding. We were married in Greenville, SC (not where we live), so if you know people there who are getting married, recommend this guy! Enjoy!


Amy M. said...

Jess - the videos are so good!!! And wrapping up the event with that wonderful, elegant dance that Clark performed for everyone...hee hee. I cannot wait to show it to John. He has a kindred spirit!

Lauren said...

great vids - they were fun to watch! made me sad I wasn't there that day, but glad that I at least got to see what it was like! :)