Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Vacation from the Vacation

Today, we were going to go to Animal Kingdom, but due to some scheduling issues, we decided we'd take a day off from the parks at Disney. We slept in, went shopping at some outlets (Clark's sweet idea), and toured Downtown Disney. It was a relaxing day, and now we'll be able to fully enjoy Animal Kingdom tomorrow.

Tonight, we celebrated our anniversary (from a few weeks ago) by going to a Pirate's Dinner Adventure theater, courtesy of my mom and dad (thanks!). It was entertaining, and I was given a tasty vegetarian meal for dinner. I got picked on twice to participate in the show, but I've gotta admit, I didn't go either time. Yeah, yeah, I'm a big party pooper. I don't really like to be up in front of crowds unless I'm prepared in advance. Participating in shows like that is for the participant's enjoyment, and I would not have enjoyed in one bit. So I opted out - don't hate. Clark, on the other hand, got up right away when he was picked (go figure...they singled us both out). He got to stand up on the pirate ship for a good, long time, and he got a certificate to prove it. I've got pictures to share, but I won't be able to post them until we get home.

So, our big news: I'm not ready to share it all, sorry. I don't have enough details yet. We'll know everything by the end of the week, but for now, here's something to keep you guessing:

Clark got a new job offer, and we decided to go for it. Things aren't for sure yet, but it's interesting. Details to come!

In other news, Hurricane Hanna is on track to ruin our vacation starting on Thursday night, and then it's going to ruin our drive home before it ruins our house. I have a feeling everything will be okay though, because this trip has been awesome so far!

p.s. I got to go to the J. Crew factory store at the outlets (which I LOVE), and I got a pair of dress jeans, a sweater, and a long sleeve shirt. Clark found a sweet pair of khakis. And for all of it, we only paid $100! Yay!

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AmyB said...

OMG your moving back to MD, aren't you???