Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Having a Mickey-rific Time!

Hey everyone! Well, I thought we had free internet in our hotel room, but it's actually $9.95/day here. We found a free internet kiosk in the hotel lobby, so I figured I'd leave a note letting you know we're alive and having a great time.

We got here on Saturday without hitting much traffic, and our hotel is awesome (minus the internet thing). I don't regret staying in a hotel outside of the park one bit. It's great.

Yesterday we went to Epcot, and it was so-so. I mean, we did have a great time, but we chose to go there because the weather wasn't so great, and we figured we'd be least upset if we got rained out at Epcot rather than the other parks. Either the way, we only had a few sprinkles. The rides and attractions there weren't thrilling, but we did enjoy ourselves.

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom and had a wonderful time! It was totally Disney-esque, and my childhood heart was thrilled and joy-filled. Not to mention they just put up all of their fall seasonal decorations, including all things orange and yellow and pumpkins everywhere! I LOVE pumpkins! It was a very nice surprise. We rode all of the rides and had a great time together. We'll go back on another night to see the fireworks show - we're kind of tuckered out for today so we decided not to stay (the show starts at 10pm).

Tonight we're going to get cleaned up, go out for a cheap dinner (compared to the parks), and maybe hit Downtown Disney for some fun after dark.

The weather was perfect today - it couldn't have been better. My back is feeling great, and I'm only a little beat because it's a lot of walking and I'm not in the best shape of my life. But I'm sure after this week, I'll find muscles that I forgot existed, because they'll be so sore! I think tomorrow we'll go to Animal Kingdom (and I.Cannot.WAIT!)

I wish I could post pictures, but I'll have to have a Disney Trip highlight photo post when we get back home instead.

Keep holding your breath for this major life change/mega-huge-major turn of events that I mentioned in my last post. I'll let you know once a decision has been made! Check back tomorrow for an update!

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