Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Authentic Lily Giveaway!

No, no, not Lilly. me!

I really like to make and sell/give scarves. I primarily knit, but I can crochet as well. I'm getting really really excited for Christmas, and wanted to make a scarf for one lucky reader! If you win, I will knit a custom scarf for you in your choice of colors and ship it to you as soon as it's done (which will be a few days after you tell me what you want).

Here's a sample of some scarves I've made (and kept):
(And oops, after I took the picture I realized that I did not make the fuzzy solid blue one on the left - my fun friend Emily made that for me, sorry!)(And also, the winner's scarf will be totally finished - no loose strings)

So what do you have to do? You have to leave a comment on this post with your favorite Christmas tradition. I want to hear them! This giveaway will be subjective and judging will be by me! Maybe that seems unfair, but I really want some good comments. The tradition that is most interesting to me will win! (If I get lots of good answers, maybe I'll cave and use a random number generator. I'll let you know). A winner will be chosen this Sunday night, November 2nd and the result will be posted on Monday.

Ready, set, comment!


cpullum said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving. We love this tradition. We also go to the movies afterwards!!

amyB said...

ahhh there are so many. my most warm memory is that my family cooks up all sorts of little appetizers like pigs in a blanket and clams casino and we watch "It's a Wonderful Life". When it gets to the part where George kisses Mary while they are on the telephone, my dad pauses it to tell us the whole story of how that scene was improv. Then we all roll our eyes and yell at him to hit play!

And of course, Bonnie's annual Christmas Extravaganza is always up on my list! :)

Lauren said...

One of my favorite Christmas traditions unfortunately doesn't happen anymore, but I loved it growing up. On Christmas morning, my sister & I would go downstairs, hide our eyes so as not to see all the fun presents under the tree, and head straight for our home-made stockings, which were hung by the door (we didn't have a chimney, so Santa had to use our front door to come & go :) We'd then take our stuffed stockings and go up to my parents' room, sit on the bed, and go thru them, one thing at a time (usually my mom/dad would individually wrap all our stocking stuff, so that we'd have more things to open :). I think this way we weren't distracted by the bigger gifts under the tree, & therefore got to really appreciate & enjoy our stocking gifts - I really did cherish those times, and am sad they don't happen anymore.

Although, I can say I've woken up in the same house for every Christmas morning of my life - that's kind of a neat tradition in itself! :)

amy said...

My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is our family ornament exchange.

It started when we were kids. My mom is one of six so when everyone started having kids Christmas got expensive. Instead of giving gifts to all the cousins The Aunts would make homemade ornaments for each cousin and we would exchange them at our family Christmas party. When I got married my mom put all of my ornaments together and gave them to me at my bridal shower (yes, I cried).

Now my siblings and I carry on the tradition of making and giving ornaments and my tree is a constant reminder of the people I love.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Mine is the Golden Fir. Yes, it's a two foot tall wooden cutout of a Christmas tree, painted the most garish color gold EVER. It's an award given to the winner of that year's contest.

Every year at Thanksgiving, we think of a theme and everyone has to make/get a present to fit within that theme. For example, one year it was "Superlatives" so your present (for $5 or less or homemade), had to be something to embody that idea. The winner? A big box of cheese products. The superlative? "The Cheesiest" Brilliant, no?

Anyway, it always results in lots of good natured yelling and campaigning on your own part. The winner has to display the hideous Golden Fir in their house in a prominent location until the following year.

The winners names are placed onto the fir to look like ornaments. Really, they just look like stickers with words. But that fits the whole theme.

Captures our family's absolute insanity and brings us all together in a spirit of fun and friendly competitiveness.

Note: I've never freakin' won. This year? This year I'm so there.

Merge said...

I know it's too late, but I already have several authentic Jess scarves, so this is just for fun :)

My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating my house the day after Thanksgiving while eating lots Thanksgiving leftovers.

AND cutting down my Christmas tree as the same tree farm every year with my daddy (and now with Joe too) and then we get hot cocoa in the little lodge.

AAAAND getting my nails done with fancy Christmas designs.

ahhhhh I CAN'T WAIT!

Merge said...

ps - MERGE is Bonnie. Wrong google account oops!