Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday Six Strings

Clark's birthday is quickly approaching on October 15th. He'll be the mighty 2-8 this year. Not a particularly significant birthday, you might think. And you'd be correct. However, my dear husband is horrible to shop for and doesn't get very enthused about most things. In 2006, I bought him tickets and drove him from up north to go to the Clemson homecoming game. He ended up getting sick that weekend and was generally miserable the entire time (read: would have rather had a nice gift). Last year, we took a weekend trip with his parents and family friends up to a mountain house. We really enjoyed it, but oops! I forgot to get him ANYTHING. I may have baked him a cake, but I seem to remember that my mother-in-law did that for him - not me. Point being is that I really haven't been doing so hot with Clark's birthday, so a few months ago, I started saving to get him something really nice this year.

It was no secret to him, because the gift really couldn't be a surprize. He is very picky about the things he likes, so picking something out on my own would have inevitably resulted in failure on my part - again. I wanted to get him a brand spankin' new guitar. He played his old stinky white guitar ALL the time, and it was essentially falling to pieces. After much research, discussion, and more research, he decided he wanted a Fender stratocaster (no big deal, nothing fancy, but all the while really weird for him...I've never seen him even look at a strat before). The day came today. Clark did something I never thought he'd actually do - he actually picked out a guitar! If there are any guitar enthusiasts out there, I bought him an American Fender Deluxe S-1 Stratocaster, the Guitar Center exclusive release. We're not huge fans of GC, but they happened to have the right guitar at the right time, I guess. And folks, it's a beaut!

Here's the oldie (but still a goodie...we'll keep it around for kicks)

And here's the new six string of electric bliss!

And lastly, my happy husband with his new toy.
So here's to you, Clark-o! Happy birthday, sorry for all my previous birthday blunders, and I hope you enjoy many more years of jamming away on your new-fangled music machine. Rock on, dude, I love you!

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