Saturday, October 4, 2008

Goooo Terps! (Sorry Tigers)

We did it, we did it, yay! Maryland beat Clemson last weekend! I am celebrating the week anniversary of the Terrapins kicking the Tigers' booties! They only won by three points, but hey, being unranked and beating a ranked team is always a sweet victory. Also, since it's been a week, maybe my Clemson grad husband won't be so grumpy about it anymore. 'Twas a sea of orange, and I was red. We turned the corner to climb the stairs up to our nosebleed seats, and I felt eyes glaring at me. Seriously, I was somewhat surprised that I wasn't pushed down the steep climb (fortunately most Clemson fans are polite and wouldn't wish much harm on a mere turtle fan). Mine was the ONLY red shirt in our entire section, but that didn't stop me from cheering my team on (though I did so veeeery quietly).
The game started, and I was embarrassed. I felt shame for wearing my Terps hoodie. My team did NOT look good. They were pitiful, and Clemson was beating the tar out of them. The Tigers got the ball and rarely even let the drives reach a second down. That is, they were outplaying Maryland until the third quarter started. Then a different ball game kicked off, my friends, and my team began to make me proud. It all started with an 80-yard breakaway run which ended up in a touchdown. My Terps played wonderfully from that point on, and Clemson just fell apart.

The game ended up with Maryland 20, Clemson 17. Clemson should have won - they really did play much better overall, but they made some tragic mistakes and never recovered. I don't mean anything with arrogance, because if the Tigers had been playing any team other than Maryland, I would have absolutely been pulling for them. I am a proud Clemson fan (unless they are playing my Turtles). I had a good time. Clark, however, was in a pretty foul mood for the rest of the day, but he did humor me with one picture together. On a side note, my in-laws were also able to go to the game, but their seats were on the total opposite side of the Death Valley stadium. But we found them using my camera lens as a monocular. Check this out (look for the circle that's not faded - it's small, but that's where they were sitting!): Check out the awesome zoom on my camera (using a Nikkor 55 - 200mm lens): Haha, how goofy! I LOVE my camera! (And yes, they were looking for us at that moment). Well, Maryland won in 2006, lost in 2007, won in I suppose I won't get my hopes up for next year's game. Oh well, it's all in good sport!

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Lauren said...

well, from a distance, all that orange actually looks red :) Yay Terps!