Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Love Wednesday Nights

...But they leave me very sleepy. Clark and I go to Bible study every Wednesday night, and I LOVE it. I love everyone in our group, and it is probably the thing I look forward to the most every week. We always have deep godly conversations and my faith always grows stronger while I'm there. After our study, we fellowship with each other which is a lot of fun. We hang out pretty late every week, so it is a little tiring. With that said, I still wouldn't trade those friendships for more sleep.

But as I write this, it's still Wednesday night, so I'm off to bed! Please, please make me feel like you want one of my scarves and leave a comment on yesterday's giveaway post. I've loved the comments so far, and I'm really looking forward to anything anyone else wants to write!

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Amy Mills said...

Our Christmas traditions: We always have pumpkin cookies that John makes from scratch with Maggie. They are so good (even though I am not a pumpkin fan) - If I get the scarf you can have one:). We also have to watch all the Christmas specials (classic children's specials) that come on. We love Rudolf and Charlie Brown. Then, we travel to my parents home in KY where we play a lot of Rook, bake pies, watch Christmas Vacation and wrap all the presents. Finally, on Christmas Eve, one of the family members reads about Jesus' birth from the Bible and we get ready for Santa. It really is the best time of year!!!