Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lily of the Spooks

As I mentioned before, I spent yesterday decorating the house for Halloween. Even though the kids weren't very nice last year, maybe when they see that we still care about making it fun for them, they'll be a little more polite. I won't keep my hopes too high, though.

No matter how they behave, though, we try to make it enjoyable and special for them so they know they are welcome around us. Growing up, whenever I came upon a house in my neighborhood that had all the lights off and no one answered the door for trick-or-treaters, I always felt that I wasn't welcome there or that they didn't like kids. I'm sure the majority of those people had fine reasons for not answering the door, but I don't want any kids in my neighborhood to feel that way about us. (And if you are one of those people who do not participate in the festivities of this "holiday", I am not at all judging you, so please don't be offended!) The point is only that we like kiddos coming by and we want them to know that!

I need to credit my dad for teaching me the "proper" way to hang fake spiderweb. Globs are no good....a little goes a long way, and the more you can stretch it, the more real it will look. The rest of the porch is lit up with rope and string lights in purple and orange, and we've got black lights for our entry lights (but one of them went out - we need a new one). In the front bushes, we hung plastic ghosts and bats. Those were new additions to the decorations from last year, and I do have to say that I'm very pleased for the few dollars that I spent on the kits to make them.

Rocky hung out with me all afternoon, and I found out that animals are not very cooperative subjects for pictures.
Peanut watched me outside (photo by Clark).
Here's the whole shabang.
A spooky ghost! (Ahem...I mean...a white piece of plastic with a face on it, some cotton balls, string, and a couple of twist ties)
Not to flatter myself, but doesn't this just look so cool?! If I were a kid, I would totally come to my house for Halloween!

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