Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Highly Anticipated Weekend

Here are some excerpts from a recent article that highlight our planned festivities this weekend. I LOVE October through December because of all the autumn/Thanksgiving/Christmas events, and this is the perfect way to really kick it off!

"Pumpkintown, SC is a humble place on the map, but once each year it attracts more than 30,000 pilgrims for a monumental harvest tradition, the annual Pumpkin Festival. Normally held the 2nd Saturday in October, this event is a "must add" to your calendar. The year 2008 will mark the Festival's 30th return featuring more than 140 craft booths, greased pole climb, historic community building, quilt for raffle, live entertainment, food, and more.

With a gorgeous setting in the Oolenoy valley and within view of scenic Table Rock, the Pumpkin Festival will take you out in nature where you can best enjoy the crisp, cool days of early October in South Carolina. After finding almost anything possible "pumpkin," you can sit back and admire autumn's early glory of color, meet up with old friends, and applaud the local entertainment. Aside from real pumpkins for sale, you will find autumn crafts, pumpkin pies, and--yes--even pumpkin butter. The locals make it best and sell out early.

The day begins with an entertaining community parade at 9:00 a.m. which will be enjoyed immensely by children and old-timers alike. Only homemade or hand-crafted items will be sold by the crafters; no manufactured goods are allowed. Popular items include furniture, clothing, jewelry, signs, household items, candles, soap, canned goodies, local honey, and fresh bake-sales. Barbecued chicken, biscuits, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried fish with all the trimmings, kernel corn, and soft drinks will be available. Homemade churned ice cream is a hit when sunny afternoons make the crowd warm enough to shed a layer. Daring sports may brave a greased pole climb in the afternoon hoping for a moment of fame, and a $100 bill prize at the top.

Come prepared to have a good time and to take home a memento or two of the season... something to share the joy and warmth of this event with family and friends for the weeks and months ahead."

Can't you just tell that this is the perfect event for me?? While I probably won't be participating in the greased pole climb (seriously?!), I can't wait! And the cherry on top is that my best friend Bonnie will be driving back up north from Georgia that day and will be able to stop by the festival and play with us for a few hours!

You see, before deciding to move south, Clark used this festival as an incentive to get me to come with him. When he took me to Pumpkintown in 2006 (before we moved), there was nothing to be seen. The town is literally just a flashing street light and a general store (which was closed). That's IT. No pumpkins, no festival - nothing. Clark, while he had good intentions, did not do his research and did not realize that the festival only happened once in October. He thought it went on for the whole month. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. Here I am, trying to look happy back in '06 (don't make fun). Hopefully the smile will be real this year.

And just for kicks, here's a gem from Disney world, to further illustrate my love for pumpkins.

(That reminds me... maybe I should actually get around to posting some of those Disney pictures for you guys soon.)

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tara said...

i know i am posting on this a few days late... but yes, please pics from disney!