Monday, October 20, 2008

Table Rock

Upon leaving Pumpkintown, Clark and I decided to take advantage of the surrounding scenery and go on a mini photo shoot. We hung out for about an hour in a field at the base of Table Rock. Apparently, the rock on the side of this mountain looks like a table. I don't see it, but I won't argue...

Clark is starting to get creative with photography, and that's really exciting for me. I've taught him the basics of shooting manually, and he's done really well (as long as he remembers to check the light meter before taking pictures).

The weather wasn't the best, and as an aspiring professional photographer, I should have been able to adapt to still take good pictures. However, I thought it was a better opportunity to experiment with some lenses that I hadn't tried yet, so I didn't fool with settings very much. I do wish I had, though, because my pictures didn't turn out very well.

Without further ado, I present our favorite pictures that we took. My favorite was actually the first picture I took from the entire shoot, and Clark's favorite was while he was getting artsy with a telephoto lens attachment I have (I did NOT like any of the pictures I took with this lens). Clark thinks it's cool, and I agree :) Good job, Clark! I'm going to start calling him Clart...get it? Clark + Art? Hmmm...maybe not.

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