Tuesday, October 28, 2008

U-[Can't]-Pick Your Pumpkins!

There's not a lot to write this time, but I've had a good streak and I don't want to break it just yet. I went into work late yesterday because I was still groggy in the morning from the night before.

When I came home, I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch so Clark and I could pick out our pumpkins for Friday night. Well, there are NO pumpkin patches here. No fields where one can walk around and scout out the perfect pumpkin. Most everyone gets theirs at the grocery store or Walmart. Well, not me. I at least tried to make it psuedo-authentic by going to a local produce stand. We picked out two pumpkins only to find out they didn't take cards for payment (we had been there before and I really thought we've paid with card before). So, we had to put them back.

We went to the grocery store, bought a few things, and got some cash back at check out. We went to a local church where we got pumpkins last year. I had the hardest time picking one, because for once, they were all bigger than I wanted. Usually I just try to find the biggest and most round pumpkin of them all, but I think I'm growing up a little bit. Bigger pumpkin = more scoopage = more frustration = not very happy (not to mention that Clark is grossed out by pumpkin guts and asks me every year to clean his out for him, so that's twice the work). We picked medium sized ones, paid, and went on our way.

Point of this post: There are no traditional pumpkin patches here and I was disappointed. But we do have some pumpkins now. Yippie.

There will be a post to come with pictures of our carvings later in the week.

And tune in for tomorrow's post which will feature this blog's first giveaway!!!


amyB said...

Ooh, do you roast your seeds? That's my favorite part!!

Jess said...

No, I can't say that I do...I've never heard of that! How do you do it? Maybe I'll try it out this year :)