Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blogging? No Thanks.

Hey there. I don't feel like blogging, so I'm not really going to. Aside from the fact that I'm blogging about not blogging, of course.

Yesterday was one of those days that left me exhausted and slightly bummed out. I'll perk up, but it's too much of a strain to think of anything to blog about. That suggests to me that I just shouldn't blog at all. But everything's fine and dandy, don't worry.

An update for Jen: your scarf is taking longer than I had planned, I'm so sorry! But I do think you will really like it. I worked on it a bit at work today when things were slow, and my coworkers kept telling me how great they thought it looked. I can't wait to finish it and send it to you!! :)


Amy M. said...

I'm sorry you were bummed out yesterday - I could tell last night. Hope you feel better today!

Lauren said...

I'm excited to see Jen's scarf too! :) Hope you're having a brighter Thursday!

Jess said...

You guys are great, thanks for your encouragement! Today was MUCH better! :)

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

You could have easily fooled me. I'm knitting challenged so I could think it might take months :) Granted, it'd be a bit warm in June, but you can bet I'd wear it!

I'm SUPER excited! Don't feel rushed at all though, I know that you've got TONS going on.

(by the way, I initially wrote "I'm SUPPER excited!" I do like food, but that's not the message I wanted to convey).

Hugs to you! Have a great Friday!