Thursday, November 6, 2008


No, no, we didn't really kidnap our fluffy house guest. Introducing Shadow, our friends Shawn and Angie's cat! Shawn and Angie are on vacation visiting family for two weeks, and we have the privilege of playing with Shadow while they're gone.
He's great - very friendly, curious, cuddly, likes company and exploring new places. He usually lives inside with two dogs, so he's used to having animal friends. Peanut, however, is NOT approving of this change. Peanut likes Rocky and Bunny just fine, but when Shadow was brought into the mix, she turned into a nasty old cat. Whew...I can't even begin to tell you what a different cat she is when he's around. She's stressed out and angry at us, but I hope she'll forgive and forget after he's gone.

I do like having Shadow around though, and that means he must be a pretty cool cat as I am NOT a cat person whatsoever (I mean, I like
my cat, but usually no one else's). Shadow has made himself at home with us and we're glad to have him. (And we haven't been cursed by the black cat myth!)

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