Monday, November 3, 2008

The Giveaway Winner!

I am proud to announce that I have chosen Jen as the winner of scarf giveaway! Jen, your story of the golden fir made me laugh aloud at work, made me think of superlative gift ideas, and made me miss you and your family's greatness. Congratulations (and I'll get in touch with you to find out what you'd like me to make for you!)

Thank you to the six of you who participated - it was really great reading your family traditions!

Carla, thank you so much for posting! I LOVE decorating the tree!! I usually like to go "Christmas Story" on it with an abundance of colored lights, ornaments, and tinsel, but my conservative husband was even reluctant to let me put a single string of colored lights on it last year. He likes "classy" trees with plain ornaments and white lights. Pshh.

AmyB, you totally tugged on my heart by mentioning Bonnie's Christmas Extravaganza. What a great time! I really looked forward to that party every year.

Lauren, I miss you. I can just see you getting all excited unwrapping each and every stocking stuffer! What a heart-warming tradition. I think when I was younger, I'd always forget to check my stocking until the very end, but I think it's turned into a tradition in itself to open it last now. After a morning of opening gifts under the tree, it's a calming, peaceful ending to the experience to relax and go through the stocking. I always get a Matchbox car and a PEZ dispenser in mine!

Amy, I love your ornament exchange. I was around for the reindeer clothespin year, I think, but I can't remember if you made them or if you got them. And now that I think about it, maybe it was a popsicle stick or even a paperclip, or something else entirely. But it was a reindeer ornament (I'm pretty sure)...oh no, well, my memory is terrible but I do remember witnessing that tradition first-hand. It was great and it's so nice that it has so much history! I love how original your family is!

And Amy Mills, those pumpkin cookies sound so yummy! I love to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, too, mostly because I'm sort of a Snoopy nut. It never gets old! I'm so happy you get to spend the time with your family!

Wow, six posts total and three of them by Amys. This has been fun for me and I hope you've enjoyed reading each other's comments! Thanks for playing along!!


amy said...

You need to branch out in the friend-name category. Unfortunately I just add to the problem so I can't do much to help you out :)

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

YAY! I'm so excited! But my big problem is that I totally can't decide on colors. At. All.

My favorite color is red. But I like to wear baby blue. ANd I'm a fan of pink lately.

I have a pink coat and a blue coat. ANd then there's the dress coats.

I love wearing black... it goes with everything.

Is it cheating to ask you to surprise me? :)


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

If you do surprise me, do something totally crazy... maybe lots of colors? I don't know how hard that is... I like crazy. I also like being able to tell people that the crazy I'm wearing has been made by someone else :)

Jess said...

A crazy surprise it will be! You will have to send me your new-ish address so I can mail it to you when it's done. Facebook or email would be the only logical choices I suppose! I can't wait to make it for you!! :)