Friday, November 7, 2008

Hearts of Servants

I have had this worship song stuck in my head/heart for 4-6 weeks now. When that happens - as it does from time to time - I don't think that it's coincidence but rather God trying to teach me or remind me of some truth. The song is "Hearts of Servants" by Shane and Shane, but I remember the version by the high school band in my old church up north. Here are the lyrics:

Jesus, You are
Jesus, You were
Jesus, You will always be
A perfect servant to us
A perfect servant to death
Even death on a cross.

Give us a picture of Your face
Show us the measure of Your grace
Reveal the love of the Father.
Put within us tenderness
Release from us all selfishness
That we'll consider them better.
We are Yours
Give us hearts of servants.

The lines "release from us all selfishness" and "give us hearts of servants" really strike a chord with me. After a period of time goes by without me having remembered this crucial attitude, I slip into a very ungraceful mindset. I start focusing on myself and what I want, and how I can get what I desire. I forget to view others as better than myself as we are called to do as faithful Christ-followers. I love this song because God uses it to redirect me. Especially with this Thanksgiving and Christmas season quickly approaching, it is really important to not focus on gifts or receiving, but rather how we can serve and give to others and to God in a way that attempts to glorify him as best we can.

I wanted to share this little worshipful tidbit because I believe there could be someone else out there who could benefit from this reminder as I have. :)

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