Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lots of Posts on My Mind

I've got a lot of posts in mind to write this week, but right now, it's 8:48 but I obviously feel like it's 9:48, and I'm tiiiiired!

Here's what's in store:
First, tomorrow the winner of the scarf giveaway will be announced!
The next day, I'll answer a meme tag from my friend Jen!
Then, I'll introduce our visiting house guest for the next two weeks.
After that, I'll share a worship song that's been on my "heart" for about the past month.
Next, I'll express why I feel unsuccessful at life. Don't worry, it's not as much of a downer post as it sounds.
Then, who knows, I'll probably get really excited about it being November and how December comes next and post about all the greatness that happens in these two months. Or something else, we'll see.

In other non-post-worthy news, we ordered our Christmas cards today! We never got around to it last year and I was really disappointed. They were on sale for 40% off if we ordered them by today, so we got our little family together and took some pictures. Yay!

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