Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Movie Review: Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D!!

Did you know that theaters were playing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D for the past couple of weeks??? Me either! Well, I didn't know that until the last night it was playing - last Thursday night. Specifically, I didn't know until 9:35pm on Thursday night. Showtime? 9:45pm. Theater? 15 minutes away. Me? In my pjs.

But yes, in the split second after Clark told me he wanted to see it, I had changed into normal clothes and was in the car. We made it to our seats - goofy glasses and all - before the previews were over.

Again, I had committed another crime against movie culture. And another crime against the materialist/theatrical Christmas culture. I had not ever seen the movie...not in 3D or otherwise. I didn't even have the slightest clue what it was about. I knew that it was claymation, and had I seen any of the characters on merchandise, I would have been able to identify them from the movie. Beyond that, nothin'.

The movie was
wonderful!!!! How could I not have seen it before?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me about it?? I LOVED it. I love Halloween, and I love Christmas, and I love claymation and songs and happy! I guess I thought that all the mean skeletons were going to try to destroy Christmas, because they do look pretty scary. Maybe that's why I never wanted to see it before.

But oh! How wrong I was! Jack the Pumpkin King loved Christmas so much that he wanted to celebrate it himself!! Even though his plan didn't really work out - you know, with him being a scary Halloween monster and all - his heart was in the right place! He's my sad, little, bony hero even if he did make a terrible "Sandy Claws".

My favorite song was "What's This" when Jack finds himself in Christmastown for the first time. To hear how joyful he was and how much he appreciated even the smallest Christmas symbols just made me so happy.

And the third dimension was super cool, too. I'm a sucker for 3D movies...I think it's possible that I appreciate them more than the average person. My dad can't see the 3D-ness of them, and knowing that, I'm a little bit grateful that I have that experience. Pumpkins were flying at me, monsters were walking right towards me...ah, it was great. I would totally see it again. If it comes out again next year in 3D, I highly recommend seeing it. Definitely a winner in my book!

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