Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quirkity Me

I was tagged in a meme by my friend Jen (yes, the same Jen who won the scarf) (no, her tagging me did not influence me choosing her) (oh, you can read her meme answers here) (and another parenthetic clause just for fun)! Anywho, I've never done one here so it could be fun. That, or you guys could think I'm totally too weird and you'll stop reading this blog forever. I hope that's not the case, but here goes!

7 Quirky Things About Myself:

1. I sort the clothes in my closet by the following criteria: first, they are alphabetized by color name. Then, they are sorted within their color family by sleeve length. And not only that, but they must also be sorted within their color-sleeve-length family by shade of color from lightest to darkest. And if that weren't enough, they are arranged by thickness of fabric. So, my shirt rack goes from black to yellow, sleeveless to long-sleeved, baby blue to navy blue, and thin top to sweater - ALL at the same time (and it works)!

2. Unattached fingernails Gross.Me.Out. Fingernails on a hand or paw are fine, but as soon as they are trimmed into fingernail clippings, I will barf. On a related note, the sound of clipping or filing nails is downright revolting to me.

3. If I sense that someone is trying to tickle me, I will start laughing before I'm even touched.

4. I freak out when things get close to touching my eye. Not my own fingers, but foreign things like my husband's taunting fingers (he knows I hate it) or an optometrist's equipment. I rejoiced at my last eye exam because they had the air-puff glaucoma test instead of the blue light. Having that blue light come at me makes me jump out of my seat. I also cannot do eyedrops. It is simply NOT possible for me.

5. Most of you already know how I have particular scissors for certain tasks and arrange my dishwasher like a crazy person.

6. I can only fall asleep at night if I am laying on my right side on the right side of the bed.

7. I MUST have Chapstick and hand lotion with me at all times. I get in a really bad mood (seriously) if my lips or hands happen to be dry. I have a Chapstick keychain holder for my keys and carry the lotion in my purse. And if my feet are dry when I'm trying to go to sleep, I will not be able to fall asleep without my trusty lotion.

Believe it or not, I used to be MUCH quirkier up until a few years ago. One day I'll tell you about it, but I wouldn't want to drive all of you away at the same time!

So now, I tag Steve and/or Leslie at The Game of Life, Mary at Babies Everywhere!, and Clay at The Jernigans! (Now, if you know one of these people, please tell them they've been tagged, because I doubt I'm so popular that they actually read my blog regularly :-P).


amy said...

What about the time when I sprayed ant spray and you cried? That was pretty quirky :)

There's a trick for eye drops. Tip your head back and close your eyes. Have someone else (or you if you're super talented) put the drops on your closed eye closest to your nose. Then open your eyes and the drops go right in!

AmmannFamily said...

I will definitely post on that soon! thanks for tagging us!