Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Dozen Spooks

Happy November (and don't forget to roll your clocks back at 2am tonight)!

Halloween was decent last night, and it was fun handing out the candy. We handed out boxes of Nerds, and get this: I started out handing out 2 boxes to each kid, but realized that they were going pretty quickly. After about the 8th little goblin, I started handing out only one box. At 8:45, we gave out our last box (since we had only had about a bag and a half to start with). We raided the pantry and decided that we could hand out my Snoopy fruit snacks to any other kids that would come by - but no more came! We had a
perfect candy to kid ratio (taking my 2-box blunder into account). We had between 18-22 kids total for the whole night. My favorite costume was a little black cat/tiger girl...she stumbled down our stairs on the way down and fell on her tushie, but she was a brave little tiger and didn't shed a tear (she wasn't hurt, but she was super cute). Here's a little more to sum it up:

The Good:
A Kid - "You have the coolest house in the neighborhood!"

The Bad:
A Mom with 2 Plastic Bags - "The bags are for two kids back in my van"

The Ugly:
An 8-year-old with as much attitude as one can muster - "Oh yeah, and by the way, we won't be safe!"

So the first holiday of the season has been hurdled, so onto Thanksgiving we go!


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

PLEASE tell me that you didn't give that mom the candy. UGH.

Jess said...

Sadly, I couldn't say no - she was tagging along right behind a group of other kids. SHe got the last two boxes of Nerds, actually. I was pretty peeved. :(