Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Finally she gets around to posting about Thanksgiving....only nearly three weeks after the fact.

We spent the holiday with my in-laws and had a great feasty time. We got to their house on Wednesday evening and woke up very, very early on Thursday. Clark's childhood church has a Thanksgiving day service and breakfast; this is the second year in a row that we've been able to go. That being the case, I felt more comfortable as I was able to recognize some familiar faces and strike up more than small talk. There are very nice people there and it was completely worth the early wake-up alarm.

We came back to the house and started preparing for the family and food. I made sweet potato souffle (my mom's recipe, yum!), pumpkin pie, and chocolate delight. I loved the pumpkin pie but no one else cared for it, and everyone else loved the chocolate delight but I didn't like it at all. I'm the odd ball out, I suppose.

Anywho, here are a couple of group pictures from the day. The first is the whole gang (all the aunts and uncles are obviously Clark's relatives) and the second is our immediate family.
Top row: Uncle Bob, Uncle Todd, Brenda, Grandma Jane, Grandma Dimmie, Bob
Middle row: father-in-law Tim, Aunt Jackie, sister-in-law Jenna, sister-in-law Mary Rachel, mother-in-law Mary
Bottom row: Uncle Josh holding cousin Nick, Aunt Tasha holding cousin Jaden, ME!, and Clarko.

Left to right: Tim, Mary, Jenna, Mary Rachel, Clark, and me

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