Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....Summer?

It's been HOT here and I do NOT like it. Let me clarify.

I grew up where it is cold during the winter. The biggest snows were typically in January and February, but it was usually not absurd to be hopeful for a white Christmas. This year, I've heard that my friends and family up north got to see snow as early as November. I have not seen a single flake of snow since the winter of 05-06.

I prefer heat all of the time. It's a rare day that is too hot for me; I can be perfectly comfortable on a 100 degree day with 90% humidity under a blazing sun. However, I realized yesterday - as I was driving home from work at 5:45pm and my thermometer [accurately] read 86 degrees - that I was a bit ticked off at the heat I usually love so much. Christmas should be cold. End of story.

I get a little downhearted when I hear songs like "White Christmas", "Let It Snow", and "Frosty the Snowman" because, well, I guess I miss the winter weather. I haven't forgotten that with cold comes gray skies, blustering winds, frequent illnesses, and chapped lips (I do NOT miss those), but even just for one week.....if just for Christmas week it could be cold....that would bring me some joy.

Fortunately, Christmas isn't about the weather or anything worldly at all. I'm sure I'll be posting about Christmas next week, but I'll just go ahead and say that I'm thankful that Jesus has provided a reason to rejoice no matter what our situation is (or whether or not it snows).

In other news, tomorrow we'll be headed back to my in-laws' house for a family Christmas party on Sunday. And Sunday will also be my birthday. I'm a little bummed about that this year, though, because I actually feel older and like I haven't been very successful yet. Blah blah blah....thanks be to God that He loves me anyway!! :)

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Rita said...

Hey it's kinda cold(er) here today! :) I'm with you -- not having lived in cooler temperatures, but the heat here last week was ridiculous!!! BRING ON THE "CHRISTMAS WEATHER"!