Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Party Pooper...er, Pooper's Party

I went to my first baby shower today for my friend Angie! And I lived through it!

We didn't have to play taste the baby food or guess the poopy candy bar in the diaper games! (And seriously, I was downright anxious about having to do that all day).

Yes, there was a lot of baby conversation and a diaper cake and some games. But I won one! I won the guess the baby animal name game. Like, the list says kangaroo, so the right answer is joey. Go figure I'd win that one. Animal trivia is my forte. Well...I probably know more about animals than about other things, let's just say that. And so, ladies (and gents?), I won a Santa oven mitt and dish towel, so I am a very proud little girl.

I got Angie a canvas tote storage thingy, a changing pad cover, and a rubber duckie. This was my first stab at buying gifts for a mom-to-be, and I really had no clue what makes a good baby shower present. I tried...they were on her registry and she seemed to like them, so I guess it worked out.

A side note: Angie's nursery theme is monkeys, which my friend Mary would really like :)

I've got no pictures to share because, well, I didn't take any. But I had a good time, and even though I'll always be scared of weird baby shower games, I think I won't be so nervous about the next shower I'm invited to. Which will probably be soon. Because pretty much everyone I know is pregnant. Sigh....

p.s. Babies'r'Us is pretty scary for someone who has never been there. I was LOST. And overwhelmed. And I felt stupid because I didn't know what 99% of the things were.


Amy Mills said...

babies r us will become a second home one day :)

Mary said...

Monkeys are my favorite! This Angie is one smart lady:)