Monday, December 8, 2008

Well Hello There

I haven't blogged in a long time - this you probably know. I'm sorry :(

However, I made a new friend yesterday. Her name is Genelle, and she gave me just the encouragement I needed to show my face back in the blogging world again. We have lots of mutual friends, and now we're friends, too! She sent me a very sweet message on Facebook yesterday telling me that she really likes to read my Genelle, this one's for you!

Here are the real reasons I haven't been blogging:
1. A few weeks ago, we got some sad news about some friends in our Bible study group. I won't go into any detail, but it really bummed me out for a while....I didn't do much of anything on the computer.
2. I've been very busy decorating and cleaning the house for Christmas.
3. I've been working long, difficult hours at my job (I still like it, don't worry!)
4. Making Christmas presents takes aLOT of time.
5. We've been traveling to see my in-laws and gallivanting all around town.
6. Every year, as the sun appears even less and less, I get slightly bummed. Ok, very bummed. I do better just to know I've got a problem and work hard to not let it get to me. It works. However, it does really affect my motivation to blog. I just don't feel like blogging at all.

I like to blog, really. So I'll try to keep at it. Sorry!

Blogs to come:
Our Christmas Home - inside and out
Jen's scarf - you all get to see it now that she's got it
My first baby shower - no, no, not for me. I'm going to my friend Angie's shower tomorrow but I've never been to one before. I'll let you know how it goes.
Our Christmas party - happening this Thursday!
Oh yeah...never told you about Thanksgiving :)
Our family Christmas picture - I'll post on this after they're delivered

So there you have it! I'm back! Nice to see you!


Genelle said...

Jess! I was so surprised to see my name when I popped on here to read today. lol! Thanks for the mention. I'm glad that it encouraged you to write when I messaged you and I hope you keep on writing. I love reading your blogs!

Jess said...

You really are the reason I blogged! Thanks for the nice words! :)