Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheesecake and Soda, Anyone?

January 16th was the last time I posted here....sheesh.  I guess things have been mighty busy 'round the Lily household.  I do have many posts in mind for this week, though, and I'm thinking that I'll actually have time to write them.  Thrilling, I know!

Tonight was strange...most nights Clark and I go back and forth with each other trying to decide where to eat if we need to go out for dinner.  Tonight, though, he asked what I wanted, and without hesitation, I answered, "Cheesecake and soda."  Nothing else was going to satisfy me but that combination.  We got home after church and both started searching the web for restaurants that served cheesecake and were open on a Sunday night.  Hey, this is the Bible belt, people: not much is open on Sunday nights here.  After much frantic searching, alas!  McAlister's Deli serves cheesecake!  Off we drove.  In the doors we went.  Up to the counter we walked.  Up to the menu I looked: NO CHEESECAKE.  I asked the cashier: "I went online to the website, and it said you had cheesecake!" "Yes, I know it says that, but we're changing our menu and we don't have any more, sorry."  I came close to tears.  Out the doors we went.  Clark said that Fazoli's across the street had some, but I was imagining some skinny sliver of past due cheesecake that they'd have to salvage from the back-of-house refrigerator room.  But there was nothing else, so I said we could try.  Clark is so patient with me sometimes.

....In the doors we went, up to the cashier, up to the menu board....CHEESECAKE!  And with strawberry topping if I so desired (which I did, very much).  And it was fresh from the front-of-house dessert display case!  I think I was close to heaven.  I may as well have thrown my money at the cashier just to get it in my mouth more quickly (don't worry - I didn't).  Cheesecake has never filled a void in my appetite so well.  As I was stuffing my face, the cashier walked up with Clark's meal and gave me a handful of change and apologized for overcharging me; I hadn't even noticed the error nor did I care.  I would have paid $10 for that slice of cheesecake.  Anyway, I got my dinner and it was as delicious as I knew it would be.

(And DON'T get any ideas about my weird craving...I know what you're thinking.  But you're wrong!  This was just a one-time, fluke craving!  I promise!)

Tomorrow morning, Clark and I are beginning a change of routine.  We've been working out every day consistently after work, but doing so really leaves no time for anything else (such as blogging).  Instead, we are going to start going to the gym before work.  At 6:00am.  And I'm adding cardio into the mix.  I'm going to hate this idea at about 5:50 tomorrow morning....

So, a look ahead at what's to come this week:
  • A summary of a visit from my two best friends up north
  • A documentary you'll be sorry you missed
  • My first portrait photography shoot (...if it had only been paid)
  • Exciting travel plans for February and May
  • A Friendly Friday post
I'd better hit the sack if I have any real hopes of dragging my booty out of bed at the crack of dawn....actually, I'm sure that's even before the sun gets up....


amyB said...

Yay! I'm so glad your back! I missed your blog :( I'm excited to see your photography shoot!!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I totally went there when I started reading about your cravings. And by there, you know where I mean.

You sound like ME!

I'm glad you're back :) Hugs!

(I'm sitting here in my freezing house, waiting for snow and wearing the scarf you made me. I wear it EVERY DAY).