Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Bits

Here's the gist of things:

  • Work has been really hard this week. Not bad, but just really busy and hard physical work. We've put together lots of our product to fill lots of backorders and.....well, they're still not filled and we're already out of stock again. Filled almost 200 orders so far this I'm beat.
  • Going to the gym every day has been kicking my booty going well. And yes, we have been following through with going and working hard. But I am thankful that we've decided to take weekends off because, well, I'm beat.
  • There have been a lot of chores lately, so I've been up late cleaning and cooking and doing I'm beat.
And let me make a confession that will probably gross a lot of you out: I don't typically shower every day. I have extremely dry skin and a dry scalp, and washing everything daily makes me feel terrible and itchy and icky. And frankly, I hate showering. It takes too long even when I go my fastest. My hair is so dang long and it takes forever to wash, and then there's the facewash and the soap and the shaving and the after-shower hair combing and lotions (and I have to do the lotion thing because of the aforementioned dryness issue).....but I have other things to do so showers really stress me out. And I'm a nighttime showerer, because showering does not wake me up and it just takes far too long. But with working out every day, I have to shower every night! My skin is about to crack open and my hair is never dry!!!!! Argh! Sorry if that was too much info...but you know....

In other exciting news, I have thought of a new weekly blogging topic....[drumroll, please]..."Friendly Fridays"! Here's the deal....I love my friends, so every Friday, I will write a post dedicated to one friend of mine. My life isn't that interesting to write about (clearly), but my friends are! So tune in on Fridays for a special treat!


amyB said...

I totally understand about the showing thing. Heres what I do:

I have to wash my hair when I work out that day, so I just put a little shampoo on the top of my head... then I turn my head upside down and wash the roots, so it doesn't touch toooo much of my scalp.

If I don't have to wash my hair, I just take a wittle bird bath in the bath tub. All the essentials get cleaned! :)

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion IS THE BOMB. It will seriously get all your dryness GONE and replaced with BABY BUTT-LIKE skin! Go get it! It's everywhere! CVS, Target, ETC!

This was definitely a TMI comment!

Lauren said...

you are not alone! I usually don't shower every day either, and it's for the same reasons you mentioned. I have dry skin & a dry scalp..blech! Oh, and also, I like to be able to sleep a little later every other day, as I'm a morning shower-er :)

Anonymous said...

You need to use the precious protein for your skin...I know where you can get it! Remember me the Jafra Consultant!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

ahhahaha- i love you Jess-- i barely get on here, and i'm glad i did! I barely shower either:O) It's too much of a hassel sometimes. Hey...
i love you,