Saturday, February 7, 2009

$$ Just Call Me Mrs. Moneybags $$

Well hello there! It's Saturday - a lovely, non-busy Saturday that is just perfect for blogging. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the number of things I have to write about, so I will try to schedule some posts to keep you entertained by my craziness during the week.

I went on a spending SPLURGE today. That never happens. I am very, very conservative with my spending....I don't know what happened today. I just spent and spent and I'll hate the fact that I did that come Tuesday when I'm out of cash and starving to death, but hey, at least I bought things I didn't need, right? Haha, yeah....

So anyway, it actually started last night when we were bored and went to Target to waste some time (our first mistake). I found a wonderful pair of shoes - just my size and 75% off! I had to get them, wouldn't you agree?? They were only $5, so I guess I really did have good reason to buy them. They are mustard-colored and have an interesting ruffle thing on the top which you may or may not think is hideous. But they are unique and comfortable and I like them.

This afternoon we went out to lunch using a gift card some friends gave us, so even though we went out, it doesn't count as spending money, I suppose. It was a really good lunch even though the dancers from the pole dancing studio across the street (yeah, you read that right) all congregated out front of the restaurant for a catered lunch in their workout clothes...if you could call them clothes.

Afterwards, we went to Rugged Wearhouse and got some fanTAStic deals. I got two J.Crew dresses, a pair of J.Crew pants, four shirts, and a skirt - all for about 25% total of what they would have sold for in their respective stores. It was a GOOD deal and I did actually need some new clothes. I do have to say, though, that before I moved to SC I had never been to Rugged. Clark practically had to twist my arm to get me to even walk in there for the first time. I've gotta say, though, as I am a J.Crew fan, when I saw a rack of $100+ J.Crew clothes for $15, my prejudices about Rugged started to change. Sure, lots of the clothes are torn or damaged and they ALL smell weird, but all it takes is a little extra effort looking through the racks and you really can come out with some treasures. Most days I can't find a single thing worth buying, but on occasion - like today - I really luck out. Give it a try if you haven't....all of the stores have different selections so if you hate the one near you, try one somewhere else.

The spending sickness came over Clark today, too, because we went into a shoe store and walked out with two new pairs of shoes for him.

Next, we went to Best Buy where I bought Clark the Wii 007 game and a gun thingy for the Wii remote. The game was actually $10 less than it was at Walmart where I was planning to buy it as a Valentine's gift anyway. So, what the hey.

To top things off, I didn't feel like actually making dinner tonight, so we went out for dinner, too. Now we're home and thankfully we CAN'T spend any more money today. I'm blessed to be able to splurge from time to time, but I really don't like to. Ah well, it is what it is and it probably won't happen again for another year or so. I guess I can live with that. :-$

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